Geothermal Heat

Conserve Energy and Save with Geothermal Heating and Cooling

Invest in your family's comfort for the long haul with a geothermal system by WaterFurnace. Say goodbye to fossil fuels once and for all by harnessing the free renewable solar energy stored in your own backyard. WaterFurnace is not only the greenest, most efficient, and most cost effective heating and cooling system available; it’s a comfort champion, keeping every space in your home at a consistently pleasant temperature throughout the seasons.

The Only System that Pays You Back

With a geothermal unit, you will recover your initial investment over traditional equipment in just a few years; in fact, you'll likely see a return on investment of 10-20% over the life of the system. Don’t forget the 30% tax credit, too! A ground source heat pump is the only heating and cooling technology that pays you back.

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